FullStack Developer Course For Professionals - FAQs

Upskill yourself in the MERN stack and get into top-notch product companies

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FullStack Developer Course For Professionals

The web application technologies have come a long way over the past two decades. There are many working professionals who might have started their careers in legacy stacks (ex: PHP /.NET) and working in IT services companies. There is a highly likely possibility that the product would have got into maintenance state, thereby limiting the growth opportunities of working professionals.


WSA’s Full Stack Developer Course for Professionals aims to upskill developers with previous work experience. The goal is to transition from the legacy stack to the modern-day MERN stack, thereby opening up new possibilities for their career growth. With almost all the new-age companies opting for the MERN stack due to their ability to build scalable web applications, having this skill in your profile opens up a new set of possibilities.


Combining your previous work experience as a web developer with the advantages of the MERN stack, you are all set to take your career to the next level by working with new-age product companies.

FullStack Developer Course For Professionals - FAQs

Before signing up for our embedded systems course, we are sure you will have numerous questions. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference.
In case you still have anything specific write to us at training@webstackacademy.com

UpSkilling - Placements FAQ

Our Web Application Developer Courses are designed for individuals from both tech and non-tech backgrounds, as the demand for Web Application Developer Jobs is high for various reasons. Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired both general abilities such as Algorithms and specific skills like Node.js Programming, which will be reflected in your skills and portfolio. This will enable you to present yourself as a qualified Web Application Developer and have the same job opportunities as those with a prior background in web development.

In this situation, you have two options to consider. First, you can explore the possibility of a buy-out option with your employer, where you pay a set amount to leave the company immediately (if such a policy exists). 


If this option is not available, you can discuss with your manager and HR to see if the notice period can be shortened by transferring your responsibilities quickly. Companies hiring from WSA understand that some students are working professionals, and they are willing to accommodate a shortened notice period. Our placement team will work with these companies to ensure a smooth transition for you. Many of our students have successfully followed this approach and managed their notice period in a professional manner, so we do not anticipate any difficulties.

It is important for you to review the terms and conditions of your bond agreement with your company. If it includes a buy-out option, consider that as a possibility. If no buy-out option is available and your employer is strict about the bond period, we recommend completing the bond period and then applying for placements through WSA. Our placement support lasts for 2 years, so this should be manageable.

WSA will inform the students in advance about the interview schedule. Since the majority of interviews are done online, you should be able to make time for it. However, if you have any genuine difficulties in doing so, our placement team will work with both you and the placement company to schedule a mutually convenient time.

UpSkilling - Course FAQ

Having prior experience in Web Development will benefit you in many ways, as your foundational knowledge will be solid. However, this course will primarily focus on the latest MERN stack, including hands-on coding, industry-relevant curriculum, and practical evaluations. This will help you upgrade your skills and create a strong resume, leading to a successful career transition into companies that use the MERN stack.

The MERN stack offers many advantages for web development. It is a popular stack that is widely used in the industry and offers a wide range of functionality. One of the main benefits of the MERN stack is that it allows developers to build web applications using a single language, JavaScript, throughout the entire stack. This makes it easier for developers to work with and understand the code, and it also allows for better code reuse. Additionally, as companies are looking to modernize their technology stack, many are transitioning away from legacy stacks and moving towards JavaScript-based stacks like the MERN stack.


Having a course in the MERN stack from WSA, and having projects in your portfolio that demonstrate your skills in this stack, will give you a fresh and impressive look in your profile. This will help you to achieve your career transition into companies that use the MERN stack. It will showcase your ability to work with the latest technologies and make you a valuable asset to the team.

WSA’s online courses for working professionals are scheduled in the evenings. Classes are typically held from 7 PM to 9 PM, and lab sessions are held from 6 PM to 7 PM. This schedule allows you to manage your regular work responsibilities while also pursuing further education and skill development.

In WSA, we generally discourage students from missing classes as they are heavily focused on hands-on practice. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances, recorded versions of each class are made available through the student Learning Management System (LMS) within a day or two. This allows students to catch up on missed material by watching the recordings at their convenience.

Course - FAQs

The role of a web developer has evolved over time, and now companies are seeking Fullstack developers who possess comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of web development, including the front-end, back-end, and database. They are also familiar with using open-source tools. These developers are highly valuable to companies as they bring a diverse set of skills to the table.This ability to work on both the client and server side of an application means that Fullstack developers can more easily identify and solve problems that may arise in the development process.

JavaScript skills are in high demand for several reasons:

  • JavaScript is a versatile language that can be used for both front-end and back-end development. It is commonly used for creating interactive user interfaces, building web and mobile apps, and developing server-side applications. The ‘JavaScript Everywhere’ phrase is a reality. 
  • JavaScript is widely supported by all popular web browsers, making it a popular choice for creating client-side scripts.
  • With the rise of JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as React, it’s easier to build complex web applications, faster and with less code.
  • The popularity of Node.js, a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, allows developers to use JavaScript on the server-side, allowing for full stack JavaScript development.
  • The rise of IoT and the need for embedded programming also has increased the demand for JavaScript developers.

All these factors contribute to the high demand for JavaScript developers in the job market. Hence having MERN or MEAN stack in your resume gives you a great advantage in placements.

By going through the course in WSA, you will be able to add a rich set of skills in various categories. Here is a list for your reference: 


Front End Technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS

Back End Technologies:

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB

Platforms & Tools:

  • Development Environment: Virtual Box, Xubuntu 16
  • Editor: VS Code, Notepad++
  • Libraries: Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Firebase configuration and backend integration
  • Version Control: GIT
  • Debugger: Chrome debugger

Foundation Paradigms:

  • OOP concepts
  • HTTP
  • Design patterns – MVC
  • Data representation – DOM and JSON

As a WSA student, you will have access to our Online Learning Management System (LMS), which will provide you with all the necessary resources to become an accomplished Web Application developer. 

The LMS includes recorded class videos, PowerPoint presentations, sample code, assignment problems, project requirements, and more. Additionally, we will also provide you with various materials to prepare for placement, such as online tests, resume templates, and an interview question bank. 


Our course materials and contents are regularly reviewed and updated to align with industry standards and the expectations of our placement clients.

Tools play a crucial role in a developer’s productivity. It helps them to do their work faster and reduce time spent on mundane tasks. As a part of the WSA course you will be exposed to various tools, which will make you an efficient developer. 


Development tools such as text editors, integrated development environments (IDEs) like MS Code, and version control systems like GIT can help you write, organize, and manage the code more efficiently.


Debugging tools like Google Chrome debugger can help developers identify and resolve issues with their code more quickly and effectively. U will be getting hands-on exposure to these tools which will go a long way in making you a successful web application developer.

At WSA, our online assessment system is an essential tool for our mentors to evaluate and report on the assessments and exams that students regularly take throughout the course. The system is used for both formative and summative assessments, such as weekly tests, module tests, quizzes, and placement eligibility tests. 


Our Mentors use this system to grade exams and share the results with students via our Learning Management System (LMS). This allows students to see their progress, identify areas for improvement, and take corrective actions to enhance their performance. 


Our assessment system also directly correlates to students’ chances of getting hired by premium placement companies, making it a crucial tool for helping students achieve their career goals.

At WSA, all mentors adhere to our standard immersive delivery model, regardless of the course or module. This model requires students to spend 2 hours in Live Virtual Classes (LVC) with their mentors, and an additional hour in lab explainer sessions where they work on assignments and projects with lab mentors. Additionally, our online live chat support system allows students to ask questions and receive immediate clarification from mentors. 


To fully benefit from the program, students should plan to spend 5-6 hours per day on coursework, with the option to spend more time to further enhance their skills and improve their chances of successful placement.

Online Learning - FAQs

At WSA, our online classes are just as effective as in-person classes. We prioritize student engagement from the very beginning, providing a stimulating and supportive environment for Live Virtual Classes, lab sessions, and doubt-clearing sessions. Through careful refinement of our systems and processes, we ensure that students from all over the world receive a top-notch online learning experience.

Our online classes consist of live virtual classes (LVCs) led by mentors. The mentors utilize slide-decks and code examples to explain concepts, and students are encouraged to actively participate by following along and practicing themselves. 


There are opportunities for students to interact with the mentors during the class, and quizzes are used to maintain engagement. Each class is recorded and made available through the student Learning Management System (LMS) for review or in case of missed classes. The primary objectives of these classes are to increase student engagement, provide clear explanations of concepts, and enhance confidence through hands-on coding activities.

After the classes, there are lab sessions led by lab mentors. The goal of these sessions is to apply the concepts learned in class through assignments and projects. During each lab session, the mentor will go over a set of assignments or projects that were previously covered in class, and both class and lab mentors work closely together.


The mentor will also explain the expected outcome for the assignment or project and provide a deadline for submissions. The lab mentors will use various materials such as hand-outs, code snippets, and sample outputs to explain the assignments or projects.

In WSA (the name of the program), students have two options to clear their doubts. 


The first option is live chat support, where students can ask questions and receive answers from mentors in real-time. The live chat support is provided during our business hours. 


The second option is forum support, which is a feature of the Learning Management System (LMS). In the forum, students can post questions and receive answers from both mentors and other students. By allowing students to answer each other’s questions, WSA encourages a peer-to-peer learning model, where students can learn from one another in addition to learning from the mentors. This approach also allows students to learn how to explain concepts in their own words, which can help to solidify their understanding.

In WSA, we generally discourage students from missing classes as they are heavily focused on hands-on practice. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances, recorded versions of each class are made available through the student Learning Management System (LMS) within a day or two. This allows students to catch up on missed material by watching the recordings at their convenience.

WSA’s courses are designed to cater to three different types of audience:


  1. Engineering students who are in their pre-final or final year of study. These students can benefit from the course by gaining practical skills and knowledge that can help them in their final projects and prepare them for their placements.
  2. Students who have recently completed their engineering degree and are looking for their first job. This course can provide them with an edge over other candidates by teaching them skills that are in high demand in the job market.
  3. Working professionals who want to upskill themselves and improve their job prospects. This course can provide them with an opportunity to learn new technologies and skills that can help them advance in their current careers or transition to a different field.

Overall, this program is designed to help students and working professionals to acquire knowledge and skills that are in demand in the job market and to help them to be more competitive and to have better chances of getting a job.

When you join WSA online courses, in an effort to provide maximum benefit for students in terms of placements, you will be able to apply to an unlimited number of companies for up to two years after completing your course. 


There are no restrictions on the number of companies you can apply to or the number of interviews you can attend. However, please note that the final decision on shortlisting your application will be made by the placement company. Our placement department will make every effort to secure as many shortlisting opportunities as possible for each student.