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4.5 LPA Minimum Salary

full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Placements at Webstack Academy (WSA)

Welcome to Webstack Academy (WSA), where we offer a full stack developer course with placement guarantee. Our placement cell has tied up with more than 1200+ companies to provide fresher placements in software developer jobs. Many students have already been placed in job roles as full stack web developers in MEAN/MERN stack, frontend, or backend web developers with the help of our placement guarantee. We ensure that most of the hiring process happens via online mode, providing convenience to both our students and hiring companies. Join our full stack developer course with placement guarantee and start your successful career in tech today!.


Placement companies at WSA consist of companies of various categories from New-age startups, Mid-sized organizations to MNC R&D centers. These organizations hire our students on a regular basis as our students are readily deployable for their projects as they bring down post hiring time at least by 50%.

full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Placement Record

Have a look into our impressive placement clientele list.Our long term existence in the education industry makes us a trusted partner for placement companies. Reduced deployment time, Improved hiring ratio and efficiency are the reasons why more than 80% of our clients hire our students in a repeated manner.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Placement Process

Placements in WSA are executed in a well structured and planned manner,which gets seasoned over years.Our approach creates win-win-win proposition for students, companies and WSA. The entire process is simple and transparent for both students and hiring placement companies.

full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Career Coaching

WSA takes a longer term approach to placements rather than looking into it as a mere short-term solution. Along with the course there are multiple workshops conducted for placements. These workshops provide them with a long term perspective about building their careers in Web Application Development and Software Engineering.

How Placements Work @ WSA?

WSA is run by seasoned EdTech entrepreneurs, who have hands-on experience in building strong placement clients. All our long term courses come with placement support. Once students complete the core modules, they need to clear placement eligibility in order to get started with placements.Students will get 2 years of unlimited placement opportunities from the time of course completion.


Our 1200+ placement companies work in various verticals like E-commerce, FinTech, EdTech, ERP, SaaS, Medical and IoT. Majority of them are software product based companies. These companies hire our students for full-stack, front-end and back-end web developer roles.


Make the right investment for your future. Build a great Career.

WSA Placement Clients

Over the years WSA has forged strong relationships with 1200+ companies for placements. These companies can be New-age startups, Mid-sized organizations to MNC R&D centers. Here is a snapshot of our growing list of placement clients.

WSA Placement Calendar

When it comes to placements we maintain complete transparency with both our students and companies. Our calendar is published in an open manner along with the company details.

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Company date

Company wise placement records over the years

Check what our students are earning

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Our Student’s Reviews on Google

With our 20+ years of existence in the industry, we have transformed thousands of students by getting them trained and placed in core Embedded Systems & IoT companies. Such track record makes us as one of the best Embedded training institutes in India. Here is a snapshot of recent success stories. The NEXT one could be YOURS.

A good company for mern stack internship
14:36 02 Jul 24
Nice and we'll experienced professional will teach and internships are wonderful online ..thankyou for giving wonderful opportunity ....
Nandish BC
Nandish BC
09:07 25 Apr 24
Thank you so much for providing free internship and i gained lot of knowledge and skills.with Urs support i able to create MREN stack Homely Hub projectThank you lots of love WSA!
12:10 23 Apr 24
Recently joined. Having a good experience.
Paulomi Kundu
Paulomi Kundu
14:47 12 Feb 24
I am very excited to join this absolutely amazing internship by WSA can't beleive that there are still organisation who pays value to skill enchancement over money . absolutely amazing motive of the organisation thank you so much WEB STACK ACADEMY
vishakha singhal
vishakha singhal
14:44 12 Feb 24
The free internships are a new concept which not so commonThank you for the opportunity 😊
Niharika Ramya
Niharika Ramya
14:44 12 Feb 24
it's was very useful for me ,I can clearly understood sir.
Jeevitha Ramesh
Jeevitha Ramesh
14:44 12 Feb 24
I had the opportunity to complete a one-month internship in Mern Stack Web Development at Web Stack Academy, and it was an enriching experience. The live classes were incredibly informative and engaging. The presence of mentors to assist with error-solving was a valuable asset during my time there. This internship taught me a lot and greatly enhanced my web development skills. I'm grateful for the knowledge and support I received from Web Stack Academy.
Manya Sahu
Manya Sahu
21:13 30 Oct 23
A heartfelt shoutout to the WSA for skillfully conducting the MERN Stack internship, which is a game-changer for beginners looking to kickstart their careers as MERN developer. I wholeheartedly appreciate their dedication, and this internship has added great value to my life.
07:32 30 Oct 23
I had an incredible experience during my MERN stack internship with your team. It was a valuable learning opportunity that allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained in a real-world setting. The projects I worked on were challenging and helped me develop practical skills that are crucial in the industry.One of the highlights of this internship was the fantastic mentor support. The guidance and feedback I received from my mentors were instrumental in my growth as a developer. They were always there to answer questions, provide insights, and push me to improve.The constant motivation and encouragement from the team kept me inspired throughout the internship. It was inspiring to see the impact of my work and to be a part of a community that values innovation and creativity.I believe sharing my success story can indeed inspire other engineering students to take part in this internship program. It's a great platform for aspiring developers to learn, build, and grow. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing more students benefit from it in the future.
23:38 29 Oct 23

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DISHA - Soft Skills & Interview Prep Workshops

DISHA means Direction in Hindi. We strongly believe you as a student require close guidance to achieve your goal of skilling and placements. Hence under the umbrella of DISHA, multiple workshops and sessions are planned to make you realize your goals.

full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Resume Preparation

Learn how to build an impressive resume which can help to ace your interviews. Get expert tips about DOs and DON’T in a resume.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Interview Facing

Interview facing is an art and science. Understand different personalities you will be meeting as an interviewer and come out as a winner by attending  this workshop.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Mock Interviews

Frequent mock interviews are conducted and feedback is shared with you. This will help you to understand the gaps and perform well during real interviews.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Company Specific Preps

With more than 80% repeat recruiters, we know what companies ask for. Attending these company specific preps will definitely increase your chances.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Monthly Meetings

Every month meetings are conducted to give placement updates and career trends. You can also clarify all our questions about placements by attending these sessions.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Master Class Webinars

Launched as a series, Master Class Webinars bring industry experts to interact with you. Learn from experts who have been there and done that.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

LOR Support

For students who are interested in going for higher studies abroad, Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) is provided. Land and join our successful Alumni’s abroad.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee


There could be some factors which may become a barrier and affect your motivation. Take up 1:1 counseling sessions with our student success team and fuel your career forward.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Career Guidance

Often you could be at a career crossroads where you need to make some decisions to move on. Our team will guide you and enable you to make the right decisions.


WSA Placement Process

At Webstack Academy (WSA), we strongly believe in achieving placements via a systematic step-by-step approach in our full stack developer course with placement guarantee. Our well-seasoned placement process has evolved over the years and takes a holistic approach towards each and every student who gets trained with us.

Placement Eligibility

> 61% in BE / BTech / ME / MTech / MCA / MSc

Minimum 50% score in placement eligibility test

Clearing Mock Interview with a score of 6/10

web development course with placement 1

Course Admission

Obtaining WSA course admission is your first step towards placements. With our courses you will build sound fundamentals and applied learning by working hands-on in sample programs, assignments and projects.

web development course with placement 2

Complete Core Modules

Placement process begins after eligible students complete their core modules and complete minimum number of projects. This is essential to differentiate students in the market compared to any other freshers.

web development course with placement 3

DISHA workshops

Post completion of core modules,our mentors will organize a series of DISHA workshops that consist of resume building,interview facing and subject specific coaching sessions.

web development course with placement 4

Get Notification via Internal Job Group

Students are constantly notified via our internal job group with clear information about the company and their expectations. WSA placement gets all the information that student needs to apply for the job.

web development course with placement 5

Apply For Job

Students have a very simple-to-use interface using which they can apply for the job that they are interested in.However they should meet internal and external eligibility criteria that is previously set.

web development course with placement 6

Shortlisting & Interview

Students and companies are promptly notified about the status of the selection process. This approach keeps the E2E process very transparent, fast and easy. Our placement team does a great job here.

web development course with placement 7

Selection & Joining

Depending on the company’s selection process students are notified about their selection and joining. Appropriate supporting documents are provided to students to ensure they have a smooth onboarding.

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web development course with placement



web development course with placement


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web development course with placement

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web development course with placement

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