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front end developer course with placement

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Best Online Full Stack Web Developer Course on MERN Stack

The New age web development has blurred lines between Frontend and Backend. As a Full Stack Web Developer you need to develop a complete web application by becoming a Full Stack Ninja. Because of the versatile skill-set, Full Stack Developers is a most sought after role across the globe. WSA’s Online Full Stack Web Development course will fully equip you to get a job with top-notch product company and build a long-term career.


Our course is delivered using unique and industry’s first Experiential learning with an Agile methodology. Our unique approach centers around a hands-on, project-centric methodology that goes beyond conventional teaching practices. Rather than drowning students in theory before allowing them to code, our agile delivery method introduces concepts incrementally, immediately followed by the application in diverse micro-projects. By the end of the course you will have built 12 guided projects using which you will be able to build an excellent online developer portfolio.

Online Full Stack Web Developer Course on MERN - Features


WSA Online Full Stack Web Developer Course on MERN Stack is well structured to derive learner outcomes. Delivered as a combination of Live Virtual Classes and Structured Interventions, this course will make you a hands-on Web Developer. Our Placement package will ensure you can showcase these skills to the employer and crack the interviews.

front end developer course with placement

Course Duration

9 Months

front end developer course with placement

Delivery Mode

Live Virtual Classes

Daily Duration

5 Hours (Class & Labs)

front end developer course with placement

Doubt Clearing

Live Chat & Forums

front end developer course with placement

Online Portfolio

12 projects to showcase

DISHA Workshops

Resume & Interview Prep

front end developer course with placement

Competitive Coding

DSA and problem-solving

front end developer course with placement

Placement Support

2 years unlimited chances

Full Stack Course on MERN - Course Syllabus

WSA’s course syllabus is divided into multiple meta modules. Each one of them will focus on bringing in project based learning. The entire course content is created by industry experts who have worked with organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, and HP by launching real-time applications. Contents in each meta module are created in sync with industry expectations. This in-turn benefits during placements as our students will be able to crack selection process with top-notch product companies.

Front End Design & Development

Data Structure & Algorithms (DSA)

Backend Design & Development

Competitive Coding

DISHA - Prep Workshops

Certification and Closure

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Hours Daily Interaction
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Placement Companies
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Drives Every Month
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Placement Companies Hiring Our Students

WSA is launched by EdTech veterans who have been in the Education and Skilling Industry for more than 20 years. Over our long journey, we understand the pulse of placement companies and their skill expectations very well. These companies come in all sizes which includes venture funded start-ups, unicorns and MNCs. With over 80% of them being our repeat recruiters, talks a lot about the trust we have built with these organizations over the years.


We have over 1200+ companies hiring our students for Full Stack Web Developer (MERN), Front end React Developer, Backend Web Developer with JavaScript skills. We continue to add value to these organizations by reducing their post hiring training time by at least 50% with our skill building process.

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Fullstack Courses with Placements for Students

Course name Start date Duration Registration Status
Full Stack Web Developer (MERN) 11/07/2024 6 Months Register now

Fullstack Courses with Placements for Students

Course name

Full Stack Web Developer (MERN)

Start date



6 Months

Registration Status

Register now

Online MERN Stack Course - Structure

At WSA, we believe in the power of experiential learning. Our unique approach centers around a hands-on, project-centric methodology that goes beyond conventional teaching practices. The overall course is divided into three terms of three months each. In each term, projects are explained followed by working backward with learning skills required to build the project. The same Agile approach is followed by most top-notch product development companies.


This Agile approach serves two crucial purposes. First, it ensures that theoretical knowledge is immediately translated into practical skills by keeping the learner’s motivation high. Second, by building several micro-projects, learners experience the thrill of problem-solving, creative thinking, and the joy of seeing their code come to life.


Whether you are a student aspiring to venture into the world of development or a working professional looking to pivot your career, our course is tailored to provide the hands-on experience and comprehensive knowledge needed to succeed.

  • Foundations

  • Building Depth

  • Mastery & Beyond

  • DSA

  • Job Placements

What Placement Companies Say about WSA?

WSA courses are co-created with companies who are building real-time solutions. Our tightly integrated model with companies ensures we teach what companies actually want. Have a look into what some of them have to say.

Learning Flow in WSA

Popular companies have built great products by working backward – From Customers to creating amazing products. WSA’s unique and EdTech industry’s first and innovative pedagogy is in alignment with how product companies work, where project-driven learning is implemented. This project-driven approach also increases learner motivation by reducing learner fatigue. In summary – You learn as you do in a company


On a day-to-day basis, not even a single day goes without learning. With a proper mixture of live virtual classes, code-along sessions, assignments and prep workshops makes learning very engaging and effective. Every learning activity is eventually tied up with our project-driven learning approach. Have a look at how your learning flow looks in WSA.


Project Explainer

Every term starts with the mentor giving the big picture in terms of a project. Our team of experienced mentors will explain project requirements. Mentors will set the expectations in terms of output and timeline, like how it happens in any company.


Skill Building

In sync with our project driven learning, you will start learning the skills and topics that are required to implement the project. This includes live virtual classes, code-along sessions, assignment submission etc.



After equipping yourself with the skills, you go about implementing the project. You will start immediately applying your skills by seeing it work. This also plays a critical role in building your self-confidence and motivation.


Evaluation and Closure

Everything gets measured in WSA. Our mentors will go a thorough evaluation of the project submitted and share you with feedback and grades. These grades will eventually bubble gets mentioned in your final certification.



In alignment with our experiential learning with an agile methodology, you start iterating this process within and across terms. As you move across projects and terms, your skill matrix grows inside out.


Workshops & Follow-ups

There will be a bunch of actions happening under the DISHA umbrella as live virtual classes. This includes resume preparation, interview facing tips, subject specific prep sessions to crack your interviews.

What have our students built?

Project-based learning is the core of WSA’s pedagogy. In each term, you will be working on a project based on a real-time use case. You will be following industry standard coding practices to implement these projects. As you move from one project to another, it will build onto your skills and capabilities which eventually you will be able to showcase in the form of an online portfolio.  This project based learning also helps the learner see the immediate application of the skills learned project-based, thereby keeping the motivation high.

Foundations of Development (Term-1) - Projects

  • Project :1
  • Project :2
  • Project :3
  • Project :4
  • Project :5
  • Project :6
Project :1
Project :2
Project :3
Project :4
Project :5
Project :6

Building Depth (Term-2) - Projects

  • Project :7
  • Project :8
  • Project :9
Project :7
Project :8
Project :9

Mastery and Beyond (Term-3) - Projects

  • Project :10
  • Project :11
  • Project :12
Project :10
Project :11
Project :12

WSA Student Reviews - Google

Here is a snapshot of what our students have to stay. Landing a super speeding career in the new age Web Development is very much possible with WSA. We have an entire ecosystem in place. The next success story can very well be yours. Are you ready?

A good company for mern stack internship
14:36 02 Jul 24
Nice and we'll experienced professional will teach and internships are wonderful online ..thankyou for giving wonderful opportunity ....
Nandish BC
Nandish BC
09:07 25 Apr 24
Thank you so much for providing free internship and i gained lot of knowledge and skills.with Urs support i able to create MREN stack Homely Hub projectThank you lots of love WSA!
12:10 23 Apr 24
Recently joined. Having a good experience.
Paulomi Kundu
Paulomi Kundu
14:47 12 Feb 24
I am very excited to join this absolutely amazing internship by WSA can't beleive that there are still organisation who pays value to skill enchancement over money . absolutely amazing motive of the organisation thank you so much WEB STACK ACADEMY
vishakha singhal
vishakha singhal
14:44 12 Feb 24
The free internships are a new concept which not so commonThank you for the opportunity 😊
Niharika Ramya
Niharika Ramya
14:44 12 Feb 24
it's was very useful for me ,I can clearly understood sir.
Jeevitha Ramesh
Jeevitha Ramesh
14:44 12 Feb 24
I had the opportunity to complete a one-month internship in Mern Stack Web Development at Web Stack Academy, and it was an enriching experience. The live classes were incredibly informative and engaging. The presence of mentors to assist with error-solving was a valuable asset during my time there. This internship taught me a lot and greatly enhanced my web development skills. I'm grateful for the knowledge and support I received from Web Stack Academy.
Manya Sahu
Manya Sahu
21:13 30 Oct 23
A heartfelt shoutout to the WSA for skillfully conducting the MERN Stack internship, which is a game-changer for beginners looking to kickstart their careers as MERN developer. I wholeheartedly appreciate their dedication, and this internship has added great value to my life.
07:32 30 Oct 23
I had an incredible experience during my MERN stack internship with your team. It was a valuable learning opportunity that allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained in a real-world setting. The projects I worked on were challenging and helped me develop practical skills that are crucial in the industry.One of the highlights of this internship was the fantastic mentor support. The guidance and feedback I received from my mentors were instrumental in my growth as a developer. They were always there to answer questions, provide insights, and push me to improve.The constant motivation and encouragement from the team kept me inspired throughout the internship. It was inspiring to see the impact of my work and to be a part of a community that values innovation and creativity.I believe sharing my success story can indeed inspire other engineering students to take part in this internship program. It's a great platform for aspiring developers to learn, build, and grow. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing more students benefit from it in the future.
23:38 29 Oct 23

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Quora Discussion About WSA

Get Skill India - NSDC - NASSCOM Certified

A joint initiative by NASSCOM & MeitY, FutureSkills Prime is India’s technology skilling hub that aims to make it a Digital Talent Nation. WSA has partnered with FutureSkills as our courses are in alignment with the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). As a student you will be benefited as follows.

best online course for front end development

Recognized Certification

FutureSkills Prime is a well recognized certification by the industry. Leverage it for your long term career benefits.

react js course with placement

Earn Cashback

Once you successfully clear the certification test from FutureSkills, you will get cashback from the Government. Get benefited by this incentive scheme.

react js course with placement

Grade Points with College

Some of the colleges recognize this course. By doing it as a part of your college curriculum you can leverage them as Grade Points with your College.

react js course with placement

DISHA - Soft Skills & Interview Prep Workshops

DISHA means Direction in Hindi. We strongly believe you as a student require close guidance to achieve your goal of skilling and placements. Hence under the umbrella of DISHA, multiple workshops and sessions are planned to make you realize your goals.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Resume Preparation

Learn how to build an impressive resume which can help to ace your interviews. Get expert tips about DOs and DON’T in a resume.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Interview Facing

Interview facing is an art and science. Understand different personalities you will be meeting as an interviewer and come out as a winner by attending  this workshop.


Mock Interviews

Frequent mock interviews are conducted and feedback is shared with you. This will help you to understand the gaps and perform well during real interviews.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Company Specific Preps

With more than 80% repeat recruiters, we know what companies ask for. Attending these company specific preps will definitely increase your chances.


Monthly Meetings

Every month meetings are conducted to give placement updates and career trends. You can also clarify all our questions about placements by attending these sessions.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Master Class Webinars

Launched as a series, Master Class Webinars bring industry experts to interact with you. Learn from experts who have been there and done that.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

LOR Support

For students who are interested in going for higher studies abroad, Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) is provided. Land and join our successful Alumni’s abroad.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee


There could be some factors which may become a barrier and affect your motivation. Take up 1:1 counseling sessions with our student success team and fuel your career forward.


full stack developer course with placement guarantee

Career Guidance

Often you could be at a career crossroads where you need to make some decisions to move on. Our team will guide you and enable you to make the right decisions.


Schedule a call with our Technical Counselor

Skilling yourself is THE right step for YOU to have a high-flying career in Web Application Development. Please share your details below, Our Career counselors will reach out to you and help you to make the right decision.

Next Batch starts on : 25th April 2024

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Additional Benefits & Support

In WSA we believe in knowledge sharing and spreading a word of positivity. Here are the various ways using which you can get additional benefits and support from our team.


best online course for front end development

Technical Resource Library

In WSA we believe in sharing all our resources. Here is our online digital library where you will find all our course materials for free.

best online course for front end development

Ask us Anything

We have a pool of experts who can clarify your career related questions and doubts. Feel free to reach out and get your queries answered.


best online course for front end development

Free Masterclass Webinars

WSA Masterclass Webinars bring in industry experts to share their real-time experience in the form of webinars and workshops.


FAQ - Online Full Stack Web Developer Course

We are pretty sure you will have a lot of questions before joining our MERN Stack Developer course with Placement. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at or visit our Master FAQ Page.

best online course for front end development

The web developer job description has gone through multiple changes over the years. In today’s world the Full Stack Web Developer is a one who has an end-to-end knowledge about all components of a web application: front-end, back-end and data-base. 


For companies such developers are sought after as they bring in a rich set of skills to their team. This makes them deploy you across different roles and gain maximum productivity. Eventually this gets translated into faster software releases and quality features for end customers.

Every student goes through rigorous training with continuous assessment. As long as you regularly follow the classes, assignments and mini-projects you will not face any issue in getting a job through our placement cell. On average a student gets placed in 3-4 interviews. Added to that you will be given a two-year time window to apply for placements after course completion. This provides student with ample number of opportunities

JavaScript based web application development (on the backend) has gained a lot of momentum in recent years thanks to new age web applications. It helps to develop web applications faster powered by solid package support that has grown faster in recent times.


Hence MERN stack skills will put you way ahead in the job market.

An online classroom cannot 100% substitute for a physical classroom because real people are not present. Apparently, WSA has put together a digital ecosystem backed by a strong structured intervention model. This ensures an end-to-end learning process which includes conceptual understanding, hands-on exercises, assignment explainers, doubt clearing, evaluation, regular tests, interview preparation sessions happen without any compromise on the overall effectiveness of delivery.

Course fee payment at Emertxe can be done in multiple modes. As a candidate you can opt any of the options [Cash / On-line Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Debit Card / DD]. If you are making On-line bank transfer , details are provided below. After transferring the money, please contact us with the transaction ID or call us to facilitate it further.


Bank Name – HDFC bank

Account Name – Emertxe Information Technologies (P) Ltd

Account Number – 59210028428173

Branch – Church Street, Bangalore

IFSC: HDFC0001751

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