Learn From Anywhere

For our WSA students, not even a single day goes without learning. With a proper mixture of theoretical learning, hands-on sessions, assignments and special sessions learn from anywhere MERN stack development makes learning very engaging and effective. Have a look at how your learning flow  looks in WSA.

learn from anywhere mern stack development 1

Virtual Classes

Learn from anywhere MERN stack development. Mentors will be taking you through live virtual classes by explaining concepts and its real-time use-case demonstration. Interact and build a sound understanding of concepts on a daily basis.

learn from anywhere mern stack development 2

Structured Interventions

Apply your learnings from Virtual Classes by creating assignments and projects on your own. This will be facilitated by structured online intervention sessions with our mentors which include assignment / project explainer and its expected output

learn from anywhere mern stack development 3

Unlimited doubt clearing

This is where the rubber hits the road. When you actually start coding you will get stuck somewhere or get doubt in some place. Use our online learning platform to clarify your doubts from 9 AM to 7 PM with our lab mentors. Learn from anywhere MERN stack development.

virtual assistant online course 4

Project Execution

Start working on project implementation as per the requirements given by the mentor. There will be intermediate check-points which you need to complete and show your output.

virtual assistant online course 5

Project Review and Feedback

Every learning activity in WSA comes with a submission deadline. U are supposed to submit them via online with our mentors in order to kick-start your evaluation. The same happens for projects also.

virtual assistant online course 6

Workshops & Follow-ups

There will be a bunch of actions happening under the DISHA umbrella as live virtual classes. This includes resume preparation, interview facing tips, subject specific prep sessions to crack your interviews.