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free online webinar with certificate

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Placement Preps @ WSA

At WSA we always believe in ensuring our students get outcomes in terms of placements. Along with our project-based learning, preparing for the selection process plays an important role. Our DISHA workshops focus on you are able to build an impressive portfolio and resume based on the guided 12 projects which you have worked during the course.


Along similar lines, our team of mentors will conduct various other preparation activities like coding challenges, mock interviews, topic or company-specific preparation, etc. This ensures that you are all set to crack the selection process of top-notch product companies.

Key Components of Placement Prep Framework


During your Full Stack Developer course at WSA, our team of mentors will conduct a series of workshops and related activities to ensure you are getting prepared for the placements. Every activity covers one aspect of the selection process.

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Resume Prep Workshop

Learn how to build an impressive resume which can help to ace your interviews. Get expert tips about DOs and DON’T in a resume.

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Interview Prep Workshop

Interview facing is an art and science. Understand the different personalities of interviewers and learn how to crack them with ease.

Mock Interviews

Regular mock interviews are conducted by mentors and feedback is shared. This will act as a mirror and help you prepare well.

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Company Specific Preps

More than 80% of companies are repeat recruiters. We know what companies ask for. Attending and practicing will increase your selection probability.

Competitive Programming

Top product companies would expect you to be good at competitive programming. Our mentors will conduct coding challenges to sharpen your coding acumen.

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Portfolio Building

Having an online portfolio will go a long way in calling out your uniqueness to placement companies. Learn how to build one for you.


There could be some factors which may become a barrier and affect your motivation. Our 1:1 counseling sessions will help you to move forward.

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Career Guidance

You could be at a career crossroads where you need to make some decisions to move on. Our team will guide you to take the right decisions.

Awareness Programs

There will be multiple webinars and sessions conducted during the course. By attending them will improve your exposure and awareness towards the industry.