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Data Structures - Course Materials

The Data Structures course give you both theoretical and practical aspects of using various Abstract Data Types (ADTs). These ADTs include linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, hashing, searching and sorting algorithms. When it comes to algorithms you are always faced with challenge with respect to space and time complexities, which this course covers in depth. Based on the type and amount of data you are going to deal, you will be in a position to choose the correct algorithm and implement it using correct ADT. In short, you will see core computer science concepts coming into picture which plays an important role in defining resource optimized programs when it comes to Embedded Systems.


A firm understanding of data structures provides a basis for writing more efficient code. The four hallmarks of good programming are proper design, clear coding, good organization of data, and correct algorithm selection. This course is intended to provide an understanding of data specification and abstraction, how that leads to the specification of data structures, and how they are implemented based on the concept of late binding. From an implementation point of view you will be extending your C programming course learning and making a deep dive into self-referential structures, dynamic memory allocation and advanced pointer usage.

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