WSA in Media : Featured in StartupIdols, A Startup Portal in India

WSA was featured in StartupIdols, a niche portal covering startups in Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem.


This article mainly featured viewpoints from from our Director Mr. Jayakumar Balasubramanian and our Technology Head Mr. Mubeen J. Check out Startup Idols – WSA article link to access the complete coverage.


As called out in the article, main goal of WSA is to address industry-academia gap by making entry level engineers employable. There are umpteen number of institutes that exists in web and mobile training domain today. What differentiates WSA is the ‘fullstack’ approach, where participants are given immersive learning experience in front-end, back-end and database technologies in a hands-on manner. This full-stack exposure will eventually makes a fresh engineer capable to design, develop and deploy an end-to-end web application.


In the recent years, web application development has gone through a lot of changes due to many reasons. With Agile / Lean based software development approach, organizations are looking for faster development-to-deployment cycle, where engineers are supposed to handle everything from UI to back-end database. Today engineers can’t afford to work is no silos by differentiating front-end and back-end development. Added to that, new technologies like MEAN stack backed with Open source tools is making development faster and more efficient.


In our parent organization, Emertxe Information Technologies ( similar full-stack approach is been followed for Embedded Systems and IoT trainings. By the end of the training program participants are enabled to build a complete Embedded device starting from boot-loader to application. Such approach has had very good reception from the industry, hence WSA also has taken the similar approach in web application development trainings: Masters course in full stack web application developmentFullstack web development using MEAN stackFull stack web development using Java & J2EE stack.


We are glad that StartupIdols understood our approach and featured us by calling out our approach. With web development taking new foray into advanced technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and AR / VR technologies, we are very certain that WSA’s approach will lead more positive results in coming days.