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The Internship Context:

Engineering education in India has come a long way in terms of academic excellence, but it still lacks in providing practical exposure to the students. This is a critical issue as the gap between the classroom and real-world work environment continues to widen. To address this issue, the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has made a 4-week internship mandatory for 3rd-year engineering students. This is a step in the right direction as it provides students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

Typically, these internships are done during the summer break, giving students a much-needed break from their rigorous academic schedules. However, the issue arises when only students from top engineering colleges get the chance to intern with well-established companies, where they not only gain valuable experience but also receive a handsome stipend. On the other hand, students from Tier-2 and Tier-3 engineering colleges end up wasting their time or, at best, receive a certificate from non-reputed companies, without learning anything of value.

This disparity is big, and it’s time for the industry to step up and provide equal opportunities for all engineering students, regardless of their college’s reputation. By doing so, not only will students get the chance to enhance their practical skills but also provide companies with a diverse pool of talent to choose from. This would be a win-win situation for both parties involved. We from WSA has decided to make an impact by launching a Free Online Internship program targeting Tier-2 and Tier-3 Engineering college students.


WSA’s Online Free Internship Program

WSA has been providing internships to students for several years now, but it was limited to students from specific colleges. However, when we wanted to scale, we faced two challenges. Firstly, students had to physically come to the Bangalore office, and secondly, students from Tier-2 and Tier-3 colleges lacked the necessary skills to effectively participate in the internship.

To overcome these challenges, WSA has introduced a unique online internship program, making it accessible to anyone from anywhere. The program is structured in a five-phased approach, blending skill-building and project-based execution. This approach enables students to develop their practical skills in a systematic manner. Please find the image below which highlights all the five phases. 

Our Free Online Internship program for B-Tech students mainly focuses on the MERN stack, a popular JavaScript-based stack used for web application development. The “JavaScript Everywhere” phenomenon has given rise to using Java Script in both Front End and Back End of a Web Application. This skill set will be extremely valuable for engineering students in today’s job market. In addition to the hands-on experience, WSA also conducts resume preparation and interview preparation workshops, preparing students for a successful career in modern-day web development.

To keep the students motivated, multiple quizzes are planned throughout the internship, and winners will receive goodies from WSA. This not only helps to keep the students engaged but also provides an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and compete with their peers.

Thus, WSA’s online internship program is a game-changer, providing students with the opportunity to enhance their practical skills and gain valuable experience, regardless of their location or college. By providing a structured approach to learning and skill building, WSA is unlocking the potential of engineering students and preparing them for a successful career in the tech industry.


The Inspiration Behind WSA’s Free Internship

In India, free often comes with a hidden agenda. However, WSA’s commitment to solving the skill-building gap in the engineering industry is genuine and comes from a place of passion. The company has always been looking for a way to solve this challenge at scale, and the online way of learning provided a viable solution.

Added to that we want to facelift the Tier-2 and Tier-3 Engineering students by making it free. We don’t want anything to come in between a student and their genuine aspiration to learn and grow.  By making the program free, students can now have access to valuable skill-building experiences without the burden of financial constraints. This not only democratizes the learning process but also provides students with the opportunity to enhance their practical skills and gain hands-on experience.


Step-by-Step Guide to Securing an Internship with WebStack Academy

WebStack Academy’s internship program provides students with the opportunity to enhance their practical skills and gain hands-on experience in the tech industry. The process for securing a MERN Stack internship is straightforward and accessible to all students.

If you are a college representative, and you have students interested in participating in the internship program, please email for further details. On the other hand, if you are a student, you can apply for the internship directly by using the link provided. The program is conducted in cohorts, and the WebStack Academy team will notify you when the next cohort is planned.

All students who apply for the internship will go through a round of written testing to determine their eligibility. Those who are selected will receive all necessary artifacts, including offer letters, study materials, mentor guidance, evaluation tests, and completion certificates. In summary all necessary resources will be provided to ensure students have a successful and meaningful experience.



At WebStack Academy, we strongly believe that our free internship program will open up new possibilities for engineering students. By providing hands-on programming experience, students will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, enhancing their practical skills and preparing them for careers in the tech industry.

For students aspiring to have a career in Full Stack Web Development, this internship is a must-take opportunity. With our unique online approach, anyone can learn from anywhere, and our structured five-phased program blends skill building with project-based execution to ensure students have a comprehensive learning experience.

In conclusion, WebStack Academy is dedicated to closing the skill-building gap in the tech industry and providing students with the tools they need to succeed. We hope to provide engineering students with the practical exposure they need to succeed in their careers.Online Internships For B-Tech Students